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Ready to Learn

High-Quality Learning at Oak Wood School

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The basics

Every pupil at Oak Wood School is required to bring a school bag that is big enough to carry their exercise and text books as well as their equipment required for a day of learning. We recommend the Oak Wood School backpack (£12.99) and for PE kit the Oak Wood School holdall (£17.99) both of which are available from our school uniform supplier, PMG Schoolwear. Please note that from September 2021 no other bags will be permissible for use by pupils at the school. Pupils will also be required to bring a reading book and have a pencil case with black pens for writing, a green pen, a highlighter, a ruler, a pencil, a pencil eraser and a calculator.

Pupils will be expected to take responsibility for their exercise books and to bring them to lessons on the required day. There will be a C2 teacher detention consequence issued to any pupil not bringing their exercise book to the lesson as it is an essential part of being Ready to Learn in each lesson.

We believe that every pupil must come to school with all the equipment required for a day of active learning in lessons. Our pupils need to learn to take personal responsibility for bringing the correct equipment to each and every lesson.

Improving organisation

From January 2021 all pupils at Oak Wood School will be provided with a ‘School Planner’ to help them organise their learning. Pupils will be expected to record their homework and keep track of their work (this will be in addition to teachers recording homework tasks on Teams). The planner will include space for an easy reference timetable to help get pupils to lessons quickly. Pupils will be expected to place their planner on their desk in every lesson. We ask that parents/carers and Form tutors sign the school planner each week.

We expect that every pupil will keep their School Planner in their inside blazer pocket – where it has been specifically designed to fit. There will be a C3 whole school detention consequence issued on the same day to any pupil not carrying their School Planner as it is an essential tool in helping our pupils remain organised and Ready to Learn.

Monitoring and Support

There will be an equipment check every day to ensure that all pupils have an appropriate bag and that they have the required equipment for learning and that they have their School Planner. The Library will carry a stock of stationery equipment that pupils may purchase during the day.

We will insist that pupils are fully prepared for school each and every school day and we will encourage parents/carers to support the school by assisting their children to do this.