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Oak Wood School

High-Quality Teaching and Learning

At Oak Wood School our core purpose is ensuring consistently high-quality teaching and learning.

Strategy 1: Every Lesson Every Day

every lesson every day model 2023.pdf


We want to ensure that all of our pupils receive high-quality lessons every day and that they have consistency from our teachers as they move between different areas of the curriculum. We have developed a lesson model that focuses on sharing the lesson objectives with the pupils, developing well thought through teaching activities, and supporting pupils in applying their learning. At Oak Wood School we call this ‘Every Lesson Every Day’.

Strategy 2: Ready to Learn

ready to learn.pdf

At Oak wood School many of our pupils think that they have ‘done their bit’ by just turning up at school. This clearly, is not enough. Of course, we want our pupils to turn up, but we want them to turn up and be engaged in their learning – to be ‘Ready to Learn’.