Oak Wood School

Senior Leadership Team

Mr Mark Bland - Headteacher

 "Oak Wood is a learning community where every one, students and staff, are focused on being the very best they can be. We see everyone as an individual and understand that everyone has different talents and challenges so celebrate these differences while supporting the growth of all of the community in pursuing their dreams."

Mr Andrew Lazarevic - Deputy Headteacher

"At Oak Wood School we strive for excellence in every aspect of our work.  We will work hard to provide a safe and happy environment within which every student can grow and achieve personal, social and academic success.  Oak Wood can make a real difference to the life chances of our students so that they grow into confident, active and socially responsible citizens."

Mr Ben Jane - Assistant Headteacher (Curriculum)

"Oak Wood is a school where every student has the opportunity to achieve, because we understand that achievement is different for every student. We work very hard to ensure our young people leave Oak Wood with the best opportunities for success in an ever-changing World."

Mr Edward Spary - Assistant Headteacher (Inclusion)

"Whether a student, parent, or member of staff, when you join Oak Wood you become part of a dedicated, caring and supportive community. We are known for our inclusive ethos that focuses on the growth of the whole child, but we also take great pride in our collaboration with parents and in our excellent opportunities for staff to develop their practice."

Miss Emma Turner - Assistant Headteacher (Attendance)

"Oak Wood School is in the heart of the community and the staff who work here. Our role is to help every single student achieve their best regardless of their starting point. Accepting nothing but the best from our students in behaviour, resilience, attitude to learning, uniform and being part of the community helps prepare them for the world beyond education."

"It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop".