Oak Wood School


Moving to secondary school can be a daunting prospect. To ensure that the transition from primary is as seamless and stress-free as possible, Oak Wood has a very effective and highly-regarded transition process.

Stage 1

Transition begins the moment you have received confirmation of a place at Oak Wood, when we will invite you to join us for a Friends of Oak Wood Afternoon. This gives new families a chance to find out more now they know they will be joining us.

Stage 2

Excellent relationships with local feeder schools ensure that we obtain a picture of each student coming to Oak Wood ahead of them joining us for Transition Day. This information informs an appropriate but challenging curriculum within a supportive pastoral environment.

Stage 3

In July, students join us for Transition Day with taster lessons, a tour of the school and a chance to meet the staff and other students. The main objective is to increase students’ confidence by helping them build new friendships.

Stage 4

We ask students to complete an ‘All About Me’ project, which will be used in their first term, and we ask families to complete an ‘All About Us’ survey, so we know how we can work best together.

Stage 5

After the summer holiday, the new Year 7 cohort have the school to themselves with an Induction Day. They find out their form groups, which House they will be in, and spend time getting to know their form tutor and the members of their form group.

Stage 6

To help younger students understand our ethos, so that they appreciate the opportunities available and expectations of them, all of our new starters are partnered with an older student.

Stage 7

During September and October, PSHE and enrichment days focus on some of the key skills needed to succeed at secondary school. This includes a Teamwork Skills Day at Hillingdon Outdoor Activities Centre.

Stage 8

Although we don’t view transition as being complete until your child is happy in their new school, we have a symbolic end with a Celebration Evening in October that gives students a chance to showcase to their parents some of the work they have already completed.

For parents

The move to secondary school can be as nerve-wracking for parents/carers as it is for your child. We recognise the importance of home-school communication, and as you can see there is plenty of opportunity to visit before the start of term, but there are also times to meet with staff throughout the year to discuss progress.