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Examples of Student Work

English - Year 8

In Act 1 Scene 2, Capulet appears to be a good father as he states his desire to give Juliet the best opportunities in life. This is implied through the quote, “The hopeful lady of my Earth”. This reflects how important she is to him on a vast scale as the adjective “hopeful” suggests he is dedicated to her achieving the ideal lifestyle. He also portrays where this passion stems from in the quote, “The earth hath swallowed all my hopes”. This quote suggests that all of the opportunities which would lead to his own happiness failed. The fact that he has had a difficult life but has been given Juliet as a second chance, suggests that he believes in fate and superstition and that Juliet is his good fortune. The word ‘earth’ suggests Capulet’s love is dedicated fully towards Juliet as she is the only thing in the world that he cares for. The quote, “The earth hath swallowed all my hopes,” also foreshadows how later in the text Juliet will be taken from him in her death-marked love. The reader would feel that Capulet is a good father as he takes in mind the opinion and consent of his daughter, whereas other fathers in the Jacobian era would push their daughters to participate in marriage. This is also dramatic irony for the audience as we are aware that Juliet will die, which makes us sympathise with Capulet’s loss. Shakespeare uses this scene to portray how it is possible, with the support of male figures, to live in a society where women have consent even in a patriarchal period of time.

 Shaun, Year 8