Oak Wood School

Rebuild Update

Oak Wood New Building

We are very excited by the rebuild program and wanted to update you on the plans for the rebuild and progress towards them. Oak Wood School will be completely rebuilt with none of the existing provision remaining.  The new building will be a state of the art three storey building including a high specification Post 16 provision with a sports hall next to it. This will be in the north-eastern corner of the field, meaning the education of current pupils will not be disrupted.  Also to be rebuilt is the vocational centre, which will be in a brand new 2 storey build just off the Clifton Garden entrance. We are currently applying for planning permission and plan on starting the project in January 2016 with the buildings being finished for July 2017 and to start the 2017 academic year in our new buildings.

3D Animation


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Site Plan

Ground floor plan

First Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan

 Cross Section


Main Entrance and Sports Hall


Circulation Space

Dining Space